About 64 km from Shimla and at an altitude of about 2,470 meters lies Narkanda which is India’s oldest Ski-resort. Narkanda is famous for Skiing & Winter sports during winter and a trekking and adventure destination during summers.

What gives Narkanda its awe-inspiring view of the snowy peaks is the fact that it is located on the ridge of the last watershed before the Himalayan range.

Himachal Pradesh is famous for its apple orchards and you will find plenty of them all along the route and also in Narkanda and rest of the places as well during the fruit season in June to September. Narkanda is considered to be an important horticultural centre. The other place of tourist interest is the Hatu Peak, which is the highest peak in Narkanda at 3,400m.

The Hatu Peak Narkanda

This peak is 8 km from Narkanda, the road is surrounded by pine and spruce trees. The scenic beauty is absolutely breathtaking from that point and the road to this point is also equally treacherous and nerve racking one. You could see the complete Narkanda valley and town from the top and the surrounding majestic mountains.

The peak offers spectacular view of the entire Himalayan ranges, snow clad mountains and in depths are the dense forests, green fields and apple orchards. There is also a temple at the top.

Narkanda Climate

As the altitude of Narkanda is more than that of Shimla this place becomes colder at nigh and the temperatures are also low during the daytime as compared to Shimla. Heavy woolens are recommended in the winter season and light woolens will do in the summer months.

Skiing in Narkanda

Narkanda is famous for Skiing & Winter sports. During these days the slopes come alive with skiers. The skiing at Narkanda was started in 1980 and since then HPTDC is conducting skiing courses every year also hires out equipment, and provides everything from accommodation to transport.

The Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied Sports at Manali also plays a part in skiing at Narkanda: it organizes skiing courses from January.

It has a choice of slopes ranging from a beginners run and slalom slope, to sharper descents for the experienced skier.
Nearby tourist spots in Narkanda

Kacheri (1810m)

This place is located about seven kilometers from Narkanda on National Highway. This place is best known for ancient Mahamaya Temple.

Kotgarh and Thanadhar (1830m)

17 km link road bifurcating from Narkanda takes you to the Himachal’s horticultural heartland, Kotgarh and Thanedhar famous for apple orchards. The famous Stokes apple Farm is located at Thanedhar. Stokes came to India on a trip and while on a summer visit to Shimla, fell in love with its environments, which included the charming hill folk and settled down in Kotgarh. He started the apple farm which soon became renown with its red delicious, golden delicious and royal delicious apples.

Jallori Pass (3,550 m)

90 km from Narkanda, passing through the Sutlej Valley and crossing over to Luhri, Ani, Khanag through one of the best scenery in the Kullu Valley takes you to Jallori Pass. A 30 minute level walk from the Pass takes you to Sarolsar Lake among deep forests. See nature at it’s best at the Jallori Pass.