The literal meaning of the Tattapani is Hot Water. Tattapani is famous for the hot water sulphur springs which are located along the banks of the Sutlej River. The hot water contains a high percentage of sulphur which is mixed up with the other rare elements and is excellent cure for the skin. One amazing fact is that the water of river which flows nearby is very cold whereas the springs have the hot and boiling water. Tattapani Village has become a popular tourist attraction, which is just 50 km away from Shimla. It is located in the high attitude of the 655 meters above the sea level. Today, this village is very well known for its hot sulphur springs, which draws lot of tourists each year.
There are many hot springs which are situated along the cool waters of the Sutlej River. The sulphur springs have the medicinal value, which covers the area of 1 square kilometer. Most of the people believe that the hot sulphurous water have the power of cure which provides the relief from various ailments.
These ailments include the medical problems such as the skin diseases, constant fatigue and the joint pains. There are many people who visit this village regularly to take a dip in the hot springs. The water in the springs is pure. The temperature of the water varies and depends upon the water level of the Sutlej River.
Along the banks of the Sutlej River, there are some unique rock formations, which are transformed into the natural bathtubs due to the natural springs. Some people, who visit this place also dig and make big holes in sand and give them the shape of the bathtub. Here, the new hot and boiling water arises from the underground and blend with the ice cold water of the river. It makes the water lukewarm and ideal for a long bath.
Tattapani also have many temples, which have religious significance for the local Hindus people. The people, who enjoy adventurous sports, can enjoy the trout fishing and river rafting in the Sutlej River. For the people, who like wandering and trekking in the forests, there are many protected forests around the Tattapani village. The tourists can visit these forests along with the nature guide. Some of the protected forests are Nalawan, Kiriya, Seri, Mahasha, Sunhi and Mandhor etc. these forests are declared protected by the govt. authorities. Also, there is an intermittent stream which completely dries up in the dry season.